i really have to stop all this self-destructive skin-picking business, it hurts and its terrible and ugly

does anyone know any alternatives to do when im feeling all anxious and dont know what to do w my hands? i dont think i can keep a band around my wrist to snap and play with, so not that.

(note: i also bite my nails down to the quick and chew my fingers. i’m a mess.)

  1. peaceroxi said: dude i have that too! it’s basically dermatillomania. What worked for me was getting a bunch of old bottle caps that still had the vinyl liners inside. Picking at the liners gives the same tactile feeling that skin-picking does!
  2. eddiegrungepup said: I have a tendency to do this too. Stuff that sometimes helps me is chewing gum or eating something, petting the dog or cat, playing with clay, drawing, playing a video game, or exercising. Anything constructive that keeps your hands busy might help.
  3. magicalstarsign said: i channel all my anxiety into shaking my leg up and down esp when im sitting otherwise i pull out all my hair lmao
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    If you can you know those caps with the rubber inside them a friend of mine buys them in bulk and picks at the cap...
  5. thesylverlining said: I do that too. A lot. I generally try to distract myself, or play with a pen or something. Or pet my dog (seriously, having GOOD FEELS like soft pet on hands helps distract from desire to pick).
  6. lornem said: I’m afraid I have nothing to say about the picking, as I’m right there with you, but I used to gnaw my nails to bits and now I keep them ridiculously long. I managed to stop by painting them a lot, if just a clear coat. That might be worth a shot?
  7. soshootastar said: try rolling a ball around your hand, knitting, crocheting, squeezing a teddy bear or a pillow, wrapping rubberbands into a rubber band ball, holding someone’s hand, etc.
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