life updates for this past week:

  • i fINISHED ALL MY FINALS i am actually graduating high school the ceremony is next week holla i am really excited about this because i never thought i could do it
  • i wrote an entire final paper in one period and turned it in and got hella passing
  • got 103% on my last government paper of the year defending gay marriage and simultaneously taught my teacher what “genderfluid”, “bigender”, and “agender” means and he thinks they’re awesome
  • i just an a fucking mountain of greasy chinese takeout food in celebration god bless my ability to eat the most food in the least amount of time
  • my flashdrive i’ve had for all three years of my being in school died yesterday. it’s a sign.
  • i’ve been psyching myself up to do a thing all week and now i dont think i can do it aaa
  • sebastian is trying to teach me how to tell the guys from the boy band Teen Top apart and i’m studying harder right now than i have all finals
  • ricky from Teen Top is my favorite
  1. domabaem said: teen top ricky will Hurt you
  2. hilda-spellman said: oh wow ive known you like forever i think i met you when you were a sophomore and now youre graduating my baby’s all grown up
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